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4185 - Tubation Wheels

Tubation Wheels

Tubation Wheels
Pipe blocks

cod: 4185

age 3+

Eur 29,90



Everything’s more fun on wheels! Tubation Wheels tubular constructions will bring no end of wonder - and it’s so easy to put everything together, then set in motion with the wheels provided. There are just 4 types of tubes, but with the wheels and a bit of imagination and creativity a child can build a world of structures, vehicles, robots and space stations. It’s easy and intuitive to try out new and unlimited combinations and modifications. The high quality materials used and the careful design of the shapes and sizes of the parts are a guarantee of long hours of safe and fun playtime.

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  1. 18 straight tubes
  2. 20 L shapes
  3. 8 T shapes
  4. 14 Cross-shape tubes
  5. 4 wheels
  6. 4 pivots
  7. 1 Poster with examples