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0681 - Gioca Green

Gioca Green
Kit to grow vegetables

cod: 0681

age 4+

Eur 16,90

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Put your green fingers to work with seeds and potting soil, and you can become a little botanist. Inside the pack you can find everything you will need: pots, seeds, soil, saucers, sticks to mark the plants, and a handy booklet with instructions on how to best take care of your plants. The planting calendar will help you find out about nature and its phases. There are plenty of Gioca Green kits to choose from: there are vegetables and salads, culinary and medicinal herbs, and many colourful flowers to take care of. And finally... you can reap the rewards of your work. The fruit and vegetables are edible, and particularly good for you because they were grown by you!
Seeds can be planted indoors all year round.

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  1. 1 bag of potting soil
  2. 8 biodegradable peat pots
  3. 2 biodegradable cellulose pulp saucers
  4. 8 wooden sticks to mark plants
  5. 2 sachets of seeds
  6. 1 instruction booklet
  7. 1 planting guide wheel